The war of the ChopSAW what is the best of the two titans?

Which Chop Saw Should You Buy? A Comparison Between the Makita And Dewalt Chop Saws

The long Battle between the tool giants, but in 2021, which one remains king of the building site? Both Makita and Dewalt Chop saws are exceptional in their own right, but what one is the king of the kit?

The Long Battle

As you would expect, there is little love lost between the big box chains that dot the UK market. Makita, the Japanese behemoth, battled with Dewalt for many years to the sound of a lot of fans screaming ‘one company for the price of two’ and a number of users crying ‘we want a competition’. It’s still the same today. In fact, Makita is so entrenched in our market, it’s almost impossible to talk about anything else without someone mentioning their product. Being the market leader with a relatively comprehensive tool range, the company has had its trials and tribulations, and while they didn’t always win, they did try. And so, as you might expect from such a durable and dependable brand, Makita prides itself on a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Makita Chop Saw

Introduced in 2001, the Makita JSP1 and JSP2 were a departure from the traditional cut-off saw and incorporated multi-dimension cutting. As the first design to come with a curved blade (it uses a Cut-Smart® cutting system), the JSP1 and JSP2 are designed to make cutting through steel and thick timber easier. All saws use the same basic technology and there is little to distinguish between the two Makita saws. Both are designed to work on smooth boards or rough materials with a steep cut-off angle. Both are made with the same stock, so a specific cut-off angle won’t necessarily mean better cuts for a given part. When it comes to model numbers, the Dewalt DXR-2 is slightly larger, and made from hard steel, while the Makita DXR-2 has an aluminium-iron combination.

The Dewalt Chop Saw

The Dewalt Chop Saw has been designed to withstand hard work, playtime, kids and lots of shocks. This is a tool designed for those long, hard days cutting down firewood or timber for building or decorating, as well as those days you’ve got to spend hours scraping paint off walls or cutting down a tree. It’s a compact saw with a body depth of only 11cm – making it a true heavyweight! It’s been designed to be compact, but with a wide cutting range, and many of its features help it stand out in the field. Features include multiple guide rails to help you run-and-gun along your route, the ‘Quickcut+’ option that reduces the time to start the job and the exposed blade is handy in an emergency. The Dewalt Chop Saw has a 17.


The Dewalt and Makita saws are perfectly suited to their respective price points and for different purposes, with the Dewalt superior for big jobs like working at height and clearance, as well as for veneers. It’s less powerful than the Makita and it doesn’t have a flush cutter head, so don’t expect that to be cheap to operate. However, if you’re looking for a compact saw that’s light on the wallet and easy to use, then it’s the Dewalt that’s the one to go for. The Makita’s a fine saw, but if you’re after a much smaller and more versatile build kit, then this is probably the choice for you. The S12 will be hitting the UK in November 2016. Be sure to check back then for more reviews, news and reviews.

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